Retinal Neuron Classification

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Retinal Neuron Classification

To understand how a brain perceives and processes sensory information, many researchers look to the visual system - a system that makes its start with the neurons in the retina. Starting with Ramon y Cajal, large amounts of effort have been devoted to characterizing retinal neurons, in the hope to develop better tools to control and interact with those cells types, and improve models of information processing. [1]

Using the mouse as a model organism, there has recently been significant progress in classifying retinal neuron types via molecular and genetic methods; researchers estimate over half of the types have been definitively identified. [2] Combined with the increasing effectiveness of circuit reconstructions, that progress is expected to quicken. To fully harness this fast-growing knowledge base and design effective future studies, it's imperative that researchers are able to quickly find existing cell type information and easily add new findings.

Please join us and help the community in this drive to characterize all the retinal neuron types and clarify our understanding of how we see the world.

Our Purpose

The goal of this wiki is to consolidate information from existing retinal neuron classifications and accomplish the following:

  • To establish a complete and accurate list of retinal neuron types, including synonyms
  • To provide information about each cell type, with links to the relevant literature
  • To cross-reference with information about cell types generated by EyeWire and showcased in Cell Museum

Our Approach

Because there is so much information about so many cell types being generated, a single person cannot document it all. We believe that the wiki must be developed collectively by multiple contributors from the research community. This approach will also keep the information current as new research is published. We hope that this wiki will act as a useful resource for those conducting research in the retina and the rest of the visual system, and help us all in a collective effort to make a complete catalog of murine retinal neurons.


The wiki will not succeed without your help. If you are interested in contributing, please create an account with us and begin editing.

Existing pages are listed below in blue, while suggested pages are listed in red. You can also create a new page by typing the title of your new page in the search box, then following the prompts that follow. You can add your new page to the table below by putting your page name in [[double brackets]] in the appropriate place in the editing box (click the 'E' on the upper left side of the box to edit). Some useful wiki mark-ups can be found here.

If you have never edited a wiki before and require assistance, or if you have any suggestions for this wiki, email us and we will be glad to help.


[1] Brain 2025: A Scientific Vision; Goal #1

[2] Sanes JR and Masland RH (2015). The types of retinal ganglion cells: current status and implications for neuronal classification. Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 38, 221-246. PubMed