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(How Connectomics is Done)
(How to Play)
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[[File:EyeWirers complete J Cell 2.jpg|thumb|A neuron (J Cell) mapped in EyeWire]]
[[File:EyeWirers complete J Cell 2.jpg|thumb|A neuron (J Cell) mapped in EyeWire]]
===How to Play===
===The Game===
*[[How the Game Works]]

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EyeWire is a game where you map the 3D structure of neurons. By playing EyeWire, you help map the retinal connectome and contribute to the neuroscience research conducted by Sebastian Seung's Computational Neuroscience Lab at MIT. The connectome is a map of all the connections between cells in the brain. Rather than mapping and entire brain, we’re starting with a retina.

File:EyeWire Logo Square.jpg
EyeWire is a game to map the brain.
File:EyeWirers complete J Cell 2.jpg
A neuron (J Cell) mapped in EyeWire

The Game

The Science

How Connectomics is Done
Our Data


Amacrine Cell
Bipolar Cell
Ganglion Cell
Glial Cell
Substructures of the neuron

EyeWire in Schools

Meet Team EyeWire

EyeWire Library

A collection of papers for those interested in delving deeper into the science behind EyeWire.

Making a Contribution of Your Own

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