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Blurb Reason
September Equinox (08:20 UTC, 2015); refimprove section
National Day in Saudi Arabia (1932); fringe theories
1845 – American bookseller Alexander Cartwright founded the New York Knickerbockers, one of the first organized baseball teams, as well as formalizing a set of rules that became the basis for the rules of the modern game. needs more footnotes
1846 – Using mathematical predictions by French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier, German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle became the first person to observe Neptune and recognise it as a hitherto unknown planet. neutrality issues
1889Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan, to produce handmade hanafuda cards. expansion, empty section



September 23: First day of Eid al-Adha (Islam, 2015); Yom Kippur ends at nightfall (Judaism, 2015); Celebrate Bisexuality Day

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