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Reap: To re-weigh the consensus of the currently selected cube. This can be done by Scythes and Admins. Re-reaping a cube (a second time) after having added or removed one more more segments reallocates each scythe's 2 reap weight to the new trace. Depending on the weight of the cube it may take more than one scythe to add or remove something from the consensus. Unless the cube is marked "complete" players can still play that cube which may result in loss of the correction. An admin reaps with a weight of 1 million making further changes by others impossible. Reaping a cube will turn it orange if reaped by a scythe (unless it was previously scouted, in which case it remains yellow) or red if reaped by an admin. To reap a cube, enter it with the inspect tool, make necessary changes to correct the trace, and then click the button "reap".