The Consensus

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In order to produce the most accurate data, EyeWire accepts the consensus, a sophisticated combination of the players traces, for each cube.


  • Every time a player submits a cube, it gains 1 weight.
  • When the cube hasn't been trailblazed yet, its weight is 0.
  • The max weight of a cube (attainable by players), is 4.

Confidence Values

  • Since different players might trace a cube differently, the segments inside the cube may have different confidence values.
  • A confidence value is the likelihood that a segment belongs in a cube.
  • The likelihood that a segment is included in the consensus is dependent on how many players included that segment in their trace.

Scythe Weight

  • When reaping a cube, a Scythe has weight 3.
  • This weight is used to fix a merger, missing branch, or missing nub.
  • Often it is necessary for multiple Scythes to reap a cube in order to change the confidence of the segments.

Reaper Weight

  • Admins and the GrimReaper have a weight of one million when reaping a cube.
  • They also use this this to fix mergers, missing branches, and missing nubs.
  • Because of the high weight, it only requires one Admin to change a cube.
  • This can often cause problems when a Scout or Scythe finds a merger, missing branch, or missing nub in a reaper weighted cube.

Frozen Cubes

  • Admins freeze cubes to prevent players from playing them.
  • Cell bodies are frozen because:
    • they are not useful for the research that is being conducted.
    • the AI does not segment them well since it is designed to segment branches.
    • they take a long time to trace
    • they slow down the players' computers.
  • Some cubes will be frozen when there is a serious AI merger in the cube that cannot be removed.

Duplicate Cubes will also be frozen.

Duplicate Cubes

  • Duplicate cubes are cubes that share segments with a cube in another cell.
  • This usually means that one of the cells has a merger
Spliced Branches
  • If there was a merger in a past cell and it has been removed, the Duplicate cube will automatically splice the branch up until the point at which the merger was removed
  • This can greatly accelerate the tracing process of the cell.

The Spawner

  • The Spawner creates a cube when the consensus shows that the branch extends.
  • It uses some parts of the last cube as the seed.
  • It also updates the weight and confidence values of a cube after a player submits it.