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 h English (en)'''[[Autapse|Autapse:]]'''
Autapses are connections that a cell forms with itself, and through which another [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#N|neurite]] passes. See also: [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|Self-Touch]]
 h Spanish (es)'''[[Autapse/es| ''Autapse'' | Autapsis:]]'''
Las autapsis son contactos que las células hacen consigo mismas y por las cuales pasan otras [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/es#N|neurita]]s. Véase también: [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/es#S|''Self-Touch'']].
 h Korean (ko)'''[[Autapse/ko|Autapse-자가 시냅스:]]'''
자가시냅스는 또다른 [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/ko#N|신경돌기]]들을 그냥 지나치고 세포가 자기 스스로와 만든 연결을 말합니다.  [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/ko#S|자기 접합]]도 합께 보세요