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 h English (en)'''[[Encountered_in_cubes|Floater]]:'''
A seed piece in a [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|cube]] that is not touching any walls.
 h Spanish (es)'''[[Encountered_in_cubes/es|''Floater'' | Levitante]]:'''
Semilla de [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/es#C|cubo]] que no tiene contacto con ninguna pared.
 h Korean (ko)'''[[Encountered_in_cubes/ko|Floater]]:'''
[[The_Eyewire_Lexicon/ko#C|큐브]]안에 어떤 벽에도 닿지 않고 떠있는 씨앗을 말합니다. 다음을 참고해 보세요. '''[[Encountered_in_cubes/ko|큐브에서 만나는 것들]]'''