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 h English (en)<gallery mode=packed heights=150px>
File:NOCB.jpg| Sometimes the Cell Body is outside the dataset
File:CB.png|A "normal" Cell Body without mergers or removed cubes
File:CUTCB.jpg|Because the cell body is not being studied, certain cubes are often left out, as they don't lead to dendrites.
<gallery mode=packed heights=200px>
File:MergedCB.jpg|A Cell Body that the AI has merged with another Cell Body. Frozen by an admin so that it won't grow.
 h Korean (ko)<gallery mode=packed heights=150px>
File:NOCB.jpg|종종 세포체가 자료 세트의 범주 밖에 존재합니다.
File:CB.png|합쳐짐이나 제거된 큐브가 없는 "보통" 세포체
File:CUTCB.jpg|세포체를 연구하지 않기 때문에 수상돌기로 이어지지 않는 어떤 세포체 큐브들은 제거됩니다.
<gallery mode=packed heights=200px>
File:MergedCB.jpg|인공지능(AI)이 다른 세포체와 합친 세포체. 관리자에 의해 더 이상 자라지 않도록 얼려졌음.