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1. Open Safari Menu. Select '"Preferences"'
2. Click Advanced tab
3. Check the box at the bottom that says Show Develop menu in menu bar
4. Click on the Develop menu that just appeared in the menu bar at the top the screen
5. Select Enable WebGL

You're done! Refer to the screenshots below for help on any of the steps.

Step 1:


Steps 2 and 3:


Steps 4 and 5:


EyeWire works best on Chrome, but it also works with Safari. WebGL is disabled by default in Safari.

Check if Your Browser Supports WebGL

Click on the following link, It will tell you whether or not WebGL is enabled on your computer. Hopefully you will get something like the image below, if so, you're all set to start playing EyeWire.

Webgl yes.png

Other Messages

You probably got a message that says "Hmm. While your browser seems to support WebGL, it is disabled or unavailable. If possible, please ensure that you are running the latest drivers for your video card." That means that you'll have to configure your browser manually to enable WebGL. For instructions move to the next section.

If you get a message that says "Oh no! We are sorry but your browser does not seem to support WebGL" that means you've got to update your browser to a more recent version before you can enable WebGL. There should be a link under that message, or follow this link and update to the newest version of Safari. After you've updated, restart your browser and move on to the next section of these instructions.