Retinal Neuron Classification

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Retinal Neuron Classification

Understanding how the brain processes sensory stimuli requires knowledge of the basic building blocks that make up the circuitry of the brain. A prime system to conduct this effort in is the visual system. The neurons within the retina provide the only gateway to the rest of the visual system, arguably making it one of the most accessible sensory systems to study in all species. Researchers have put in an incredible amount of effort in the classification of retinal neurons, both in recent years and back in the time of Ramon y Cajal. The progress that has been made since then is astounding--especially in the mouse retina, in which molecular and genetic methods have allowed for more than half of the retinal neuron types to be definitively classified (Sanes and Masland, 2015). However, abundance of information comes with an increasing necessity for communication among those participating in this endeavor. To effectively conduct future studies, it becomes critical to discern which categorized cell types correspond with each other, and to utilize the entirety of information already available to us about different cell types.

Our Purpose

The goal of this wiki is to consolidate information from existing retinal neuron classifications and accomplish the following:

  • To establish a complete and accurate list of retinal neuron types, including synonyms
  • To provide information about each cell type, with links to the relevant literature
  • To cross-reference with information about cell types generated by EyeWire and showcased in Cell Museum

Our Approach

Because there is so much information about so many cell types being generated, a single person cannot document it all. We believe that the wiki must be developed collectively by multiple contributors from the research community. This approach will also keep the information current as new research is published. We hope that this wiki will act as a useful resource for those conducting research in the retina and the rest of the visual system, and help us all in a collective effort to make a complete catalog of murine retinal neurons.


The wiki will not succeed without your help. If you are interested in contributing, please create an account with us and begin editing. Existing pages are listed below in blue, while suggested pages are listed in red.

If you have never edited a wiki before and require assistance, or if you have any suggestions for this wiki, email us and we will be glad to help.


Sanes JR and Masland RH (2015). The types of retinal ganglion cells: current status and implications for neuronal classification. Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 38, 221-246.