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There are 4 main categories of advanced categories, each with their own qualifications, powers, and responsibilities.


Advanced players who are training to be able to make corrections in cells.


In order to become a Scout a player must:

  • Have an accuracy of at least 90%
  • Be a player for a long enough time and done enough cubes to have gathered the required experience
  • Be active and helpful in chat to answer other players questions
  • Show an interest in doing more than the average player to advance neuroscience.


Once promoted to a Scout, a player:

  • Can inspect any cube in a cell
  • Flag the cube if a problem is found


All Scouts share a set of responsibilities:

  • Review cells for mergers, missing branches, and missing nubs
  • Propose corrections for cubes with any such problems
  • Offer opinions on other's proposed corrections
  • Help players in chat who are struggling to learn to play, or with a specific cube.

The Order of the Scythe

Once a Scout has enough experience in reviewing cells, they will be accepted into the Order of the Scythe, where they will take on a new role as a Scythe.


In order to become a Scythe, a player must:

  • Meet all the requirements for being a scout
  • Have been a scout for enough time
  • Have enough experience inspecting cubes and proposing corrections
  • Have enough experience finding mergers, missing branches, and nubs
  • Be willing to collaborate with other Scythes to remove mergers and add missing branches and nubs