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How to Play

EyeWire challenges players, "EyeWirers," to map neurons in 3D. Upon registering, players are automatically directed through a tutorial that explains the game. Supplementary video tutorials are available here on the EyeWire Blog.

In EyeWire, a gamer is given a cube with a partially reconstructed neuron branch stretching through it. On the right side of the screen there is a black and white image of the cross sections of neurons. A player learns to "color" inside a gray outline of a single neuron branch, which usually extends from one side of the cube to another. This generates volumetric reconstructions, branch by branch. Multiple players map each cube and their work is compared. Advanced players, Scouts and Scythes, oversee the work of the global community. These players have the power to extend branches and remove mergers.

Detailed Instructions

File:Mapping a cube in EyeWire.jpg
Figure A: Active EyeWire Gameplay

The player's task is to select the areas that the AI missed, thus improving the trace of the neuron. Some improvements may merely fill in holes. Others may extend a branch, and others may find new branches that the AI missed. In the interface, a three-dimensional view shows the trace of the neuron through the volume, while the player can scroll up and down in the two-dimensional slices to follow the path. The player clicks on areas in the slices to add them to the trace. The AI automatically fills in the parts of the neuron that it detects are part of the player's clicked area. Once the player has decided the task is complete, the player submits the task and is presented with another task.