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(Artificial Intelligence)
(MOSTEC Summer Course 2012 Student Articles)
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* [[Connectomics in Epilepsy]]
* [[Connectomics in Epilepsy]]
* [[The Mysterious Connections between Neurons]]
* [[The Mysterious Connections between Neurons]]
* [[The Miracles and Teachings of Hemispherectomy]]

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For those interested in delving deeper into the science behind EyeWire.

Artificial Intelligence

Here is a list of research papers from the lab describing the AI techniques that we use to partially segment the neurons.

Machines that learn to segment images: a crucial technology for connectomics

Maximin affinity learning of image segmentation

Supervised Learning of Image Restoration with Convolutional Networks

Convolutional Networks Can Learn to Generate Affinity Graphs for Image Segmentation

MOSTEC Summer Course 2012 Student Articles