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Through EyeWire, the general public can get involved in our research. We offer competitions about once a week where you can earn more points while still helping to map the retinal connectome.

EyeWire challenges have varied. Many are points-based. The Crazyman Challenge started because EyeWire user crazyman4865, the then all-time high-score record holder, was challenged by other EyeWire users. In a valiant attempt, Crazyman was defeated by a5hm0r, forcing him to reliquish his title. This challenge was entirely points-based and spontaneous. For spontaneous challenges like this, one can either nominate themselves or be challenged by other users. If you think you've got what it takes, and your points record shows it, give a spontaneous challenge a try.

Also every Friday between 2 and 4 pm eastern time, Happy Hours are hosted. The goal of Happy Hour is to earn as many points as possible. When a certain point threshold is reached, you will earn a bonus. These bonuses stack and are awarded after the Happy Hour has finished. crazyman4865's crazybot is used to track the points earned by the players. Occasionally, when it's a holiday, someone's birthday, or some other time for celebration, a spontaneous Happy Hour will be held with it's own rules.

Other challenges have been accuracy-based. In this case, the person with the highest average percentage correct is awarded the victory. Points are deducted for incorrectness.