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This article is just a placeholder for now. I know it's copied from a different article, and I know it's not in Korean. But...
'''DO NOT DELETE!''' Thanks
임시. '''삭제하지 마십시오!'''
This page holds definitions relevant to Eyewire, as well as terminology created by participants. Feast your eyes and gorge your brain cells on all the knowledge.
Player Accuracy is determined after each cube is submitted, and resets Sunday night at midnight EST. It is public and can be viewed by looking at a player's profile.  Hints for improving accuracy can be found here: http://blog.eyewire.org/tips-to-raise-your-f-score/
'''Administrator (Admin):'''
One who works (or has worked) for EyeWire HQ on site. Their roles include but are not limited to: reaping and editing cubes, moderating the chat and forum, presenting new cells for tracing and declaring cells complete, editing the blog and wiki, running in-game competitions and bestowing bonuses upon winners of such competitions. The Admins are also known as "Golden Ones" in reference to the color of their usernames in the chatlog.
'''[[Player_Roles#Advanced_Player|Advanced Player:]]'''
A player who has passed the [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#L|Lightning tutorial]] and has access to active level 1 and level 2 cells. See also: [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#T|Trainee]]
Artificial Intelligence. The program AI uses the dark outline of the neuron we just work on in 2D to create the 3D shape. AI is good, but not perfect,,sometimes it fails to fill in all the holes in a neuron, or misses extra nubs and branches in the neuron’s structure. By tracing we players fix the computer program’s mistakes.
'''[[Amacrine Cell|Amacrine Cell:]]'''
A type of neuron in the retina. [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#B|Bipolar cells]] make [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synapses]] with them, and they make [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synapses]] with [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#G|ganglion cells.]] There is no true distinction between the [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#D|dendrites]] and [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#A|axon]] of an amacrine cell. Their projections may be referred to as [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#N|neurites]] or [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#B|Branches]] for accuracy, or [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#D|dendrites]] for simplicity. [[The Eyewire Lexicon#S|Starburst Amacrine cells]] (SAC) are a subtype eyewirers traced in 2013. 
[[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|Cube]]s that are closer to the cell body and spawned before a given cube. The immediate ancestor of a cube is it's [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#P|parent]]. Scouts/Scythes and Admins can see these cubes (or ID of cubes) by clicking "Show" in the Scout toolbox. These cubes will then be highlighted.  See also [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|child]].
Autapses are connections that a cell forms with itself, and through which another [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#N|neurite]] passes. See also: [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|Self-Touch]]
The projection from the [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|cell body]] that sends electrochemical signals on to other neurons. Axons can be very long, are usually straight and thicker than dendrites. They only branch at the end.
A trace going backwards from the point of a [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#M|merger]], allowing one to see that the piece in question is not part of the cell being traced.
'''[[Bipolar Cell|Bipolar Cell:]]'''
A type of neuron in the retina. Photoreceptors and horizontal cells make [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synapses]] with them and they make [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synapses]] with [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#A|amacrine]] and [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#G|ganglion]] cells. The name comes from their appearance, as they have one projection on each side of the [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|cell body.]]
'''[[Overcoming_Obstacles#Tracing_through_black_spills|Black spill]]:'''
(Also called dark spill or ink spill.) A place in the [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|cube]] where the stain used in the sample has pooled or spread beyond it's target. These places usually look like black spots and rivers. The trace through these areas is often rough, gappy and hard to follow. More info in this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5K3-z_SM6E
A synonym for [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#N|Neurite.]]  |  Part of the trace in a [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#C|cube.]] that touches the cube wall and exits (or hits the end of the dataset). In overview a branch may branch, end, or go to the edge of the dataset.
The [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synaptic]] terminal on the presynaptic cell in a chemical [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#S|synapse]]. It contains neurotransmitters that are released when the cell is activated. These also occur along the branches of [[The_Eyewire_Lexicon#A|amacrine]] and some other cells.

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