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Dread 20/40: A situation in which a cube that should have been worth a lot more than 20/40pts, only yielded 20/40pts. Dread 20/40 may have been caused by Trailblazer or 2nd person error. If the Trailblazer missed a fair amount of volume, you could have points deducted from your score for "overtracing" (coloring in areas that are not part of the neuritebeing followed). Take a screen shot and alert a Scythe or Admin. If the cube is then reaped, your accuracy will be restored. Note that Dread 20 and Dread 40 are the most common amount of points given in these situations (20 or 40 being maximum time points for level 1/level 2), but other values are possible. Coined by player mam711.