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상피세포층은 나머지 각막을 보호하는 역할을 하며 보우만 층 역시 마찬가지 입니다.[1], 기질층은 각막 두께의 90% 가량을 차지하며 투명합니다. 두아 층은 각막의 층들 중 가장 최근에 발견된 층으로 2013년도에 개별적인 층일 가능성이 보고 되었으며,[2] 아직 그 기능은 잘 알려지지 않았습니다. 데스메막과 내피세포 층은 각막과 눈의 나머지 부분들 간의 체액과 영영분 흐름을 조절하는 기능을 합니다.[3][4]
  1. Dua, Harminder S. et al. (September 2013) Human Corneal Anatomy Redefined: A Novel Pre-Descemet's Layer (Dua's Layer) Ophthalmology 120 (9): 1778-1785 doi: 10.1016/j.ophtha.2013.01.018
  2. McKee, Hamish D. et al. (May 2014, published online February 2014) Re: Dua et al.: Human corneal anatomy redefined: a novel pre-Descemet layer (Dua's layer) (Ophthalmology 2013;120:1778–85) Ophthalmology 121 (5): e24-e24 doi: 10.1016/j.ophtha.2013.12.021 \"Abstract: We read the recent claim of the discovery of a new corneal layer by Dua et al with incredulity.1 The existence of pre-Descemet stromal tissue remaining after pneumodissection is well known. Their further investigation of this pre-Descemet stroma confirms that it is stroma, and not a new corneal layer.\"
  3. McKee, Hamish D. et al. ANZ Cornea Meeting 2014 Abstracts, page 3 \"Dua’s layer” is just previously described pre-Descemet stroma ... Medical eponyms have traditionally been created by one’s peers to commemorate the importance of a person’s contribution and findings. Dua has taken an interesting step of creating his own eponym, even before his claims have stood the test of further investigation and scrutiny, and despite current trends to avoid medical eponyms (and when they are used, to use the nonpossessive form). If one prefers a medical eponym to describe the pre-Descemet stroma that remains after pneumodissection, then ‘the Feizi stroma’ would be more appropriate.\"
  4. Steinert, Roger (Medscape, 01 October 2014) A Controversy in Cornea \"... the purported discovery of a new layer in the cornea ... We all know that today it is quite frowned upon to use names of scientists to describe tissues. It's much more appropriate and helpful to use anatomic terms or physical terms that make sense.\"