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Amacrine cells are postsynaptic targets of bipolar cells; these bipolar-to-amacrine cell synapses occur in the inner plexiform layer and are thought to be excitatory. Amacrine cells have their postsynaptic targets in the inner plexiform layer as well. Amacrine cell dendrites are known to synapse onto ganglion cell neurites in the IPL, mediating "antagonistic inputs from bipolar cells in the ganglion cell's surround." [1] These synapses are thought to be inhibitory.; this suggests that amacrine cells serve to regulate the output of bipolar cells in a negative-feedback loop fashion, and in fact it is thought that these amacrine-to-bipolar cell synapses are inhibitory. Further, "amacrine processes are also seen to contact other amacrine processes" in the IPL. These amacrine-to-amacrine cell synapses, interestingly enough, are thought to be excitatory. Amacrine cells are also known to form "reciprocal synapses" onto the bipolar cells that synapse onto them[2] Thus, amacrine cells form synapses onto bipolar cells, ganglion cells, and other amacrine cells, all in the inner plexiform layer.
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