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Regular players

There are three ranks for regular players in the game. These are:


Welcome to EyeWire, these are the players who have just registered and have not yet passed the basic tutorial.



These are the players who have passed the basic tutorial. They can now play like other regular players and receive corresponding points, but they are limited to playing level 1 cells.


Advanced Player

These are the players who have passed the Lightning tutorial and have access to all active cells.


Regular players appear green in the chat.

Advanced player ranks

There are 4 main categories of advanced players: Scout, Scythe, Moderator, and Mentor. Each has their own qualifications, powers, and responsibilities. These ranks all require promotions by HQ to be attained. Many players strive to achieve these advanced roles, but remember, With great power, comes great responsibility.



Advanced players who are training to be able to make corrections in cells. Scouts will appear in chat as turquoise.
On my honor I will try my best to seek out mergers and missing branches.

The redder the segment, the lower its confidence. The Parent cube (yellow touching the seed) and the Children (the other 3 yellow pieces outside the cube) are also shown. The "Jump" button is used to jump to a specific cube


  • 500 cubes completed
  • 50,000 points
  • 90% accuracy (we will allow a little bit of flexibility here if the player is close to the 90% threshold, and has other desired qualities for scouting)


Once promoted to a Scout, a player:

  • Can inspect any cube in a cell
    • In the cubes they see the confidence of the segments
    • the parent cube (the cube that spawned the cube the scout is inspecting)
    • and the children (cubes spawned by the cube the scout is inspecting)
  • Flag the cube if a problem is found
  • They have 3 heat maps that can be used on cells
    • Scythe Vision shows which cubes have been flagged, reaped by Scythes, reaped by Admins or the GrimReaper, marked complete, frozen, and duplicate cubes.
    • Created shows how long ago each cube was spawned
    • Weight map indicates the weight of each cubes (specifically the ones under weight 3)
  • They can highlight all of the ancestors (cubes further up the branch) of a cube and all of the descendants (cubes further down a branch) of a cube
A view of the Created heat map
A view of Scythe Vision


All Scouts share a set of responsibilities:

  • Review cells for mergers, missing branches, and missing nubs
  • Propose corrections for cubes with any such problems
  • Offer opinions on others proposed corrections
  • Help players in chat who are struggling to learn to play, or with a specific cube.

The Order of the Scythe


Once a Scout has enough experience in reviewing cells, they will be accepted into the Order of the Scythe, where they will take on a new role as a Scythe. Scythes will appear in chat as a glowing turquoise.
"Polish up your shiny new scythe. It's time to lop off some nasty mergers!"

The Scythe can submit a change using "reap" and can deselect all segments using "deselect"
  • Active as a Scout for approximately one month
  • 90% accuracy (we will allow a little bit of flexibility here if the player is close to the 90% threshold, and has other desired qualities for scything)

With the promotion to the Order of the Scythe, players gain a few more powers:

  • While they lose the ability to flag a cube, they can make an edit to a cube
    • This edit will carry the weight of three normal players in the consensus
    • They are unable to edit frozen cubes
  • They can mark branches complete

On top of the responsibilities inherited from scouts, a Scythe must:

  • Remove mergers swiftly
  • Extend branches
  • Add nubs
  • Use their weight to help other Scythes to do these three things.
  • Mark branches complete when they are neither missing any branches or nubs, nor having any mergers.


Moderators are keepers of the chat, they keep things clean and the people happy. Moderators will appear in chat as a glowing purple.
"Your friendly neighborhood mod, keeping the streets of EyeWire safe from foul-mouthed middle schoolers since 2012."



Being a Moderator requires a little more than having good people skills. Players must:

  • Be active in chat
  • Use clean language
  • Have good judgement in dealing with misbehaving players
  • Be able to mediate a conflict and prevent potential conflicts
  • Keep the chat away from inappropriate and offensive conversations
  • Be able to handle foul language
  • Moderators are required to be at least 16 years old

Moderators can remove players from chat, either temporarily or permanently.


Moderators have some of the strictest responsibilities:

  • Make sure players don't misbehave. Things they watch for are:
    • Foul language
    • Spamming
    • Inappropriate conversations
    • Harassment
    • Inappropriate usernames
  • Moderators must warn players not to misbehave and inform them of the punishment for continuing misbehavior
  • Use discretion when removing players from chat
  • Listen to the grievances of offended and upset players
  • Inform Admins about inappropriate usernames


Mentors are accomplished players who can assist other players who are looking for help or have a question about something fishy in their cube. Mentors will appear as Hello-Kitty pink in chat
"The student has become the teacher"



Mentors must be experienced players who are eager to help others and can help new players learn at their own pace.


  • Ability to join a player in their cube
    • They can select and deselect segments in another players cube
  • scouts and scythes who are also mentors can use watch mode to help out other scouts and scythes in reaping.


  • Explicit permission must be given in general chat before a Mentor can watch someone else.
  • Watch mode cannot be used as an advantage in competitions or be used to gain points by influencing the players trace.


Mystics are very experienced scythes, hand-picked by HQ (they can request promotion during week-long competitions every two months), able to play in the new zebrafish dataset, as of June 2017.



  • Active as a Scythe for approximately one month
  • Scythe Complete an average of 200 cubes per month
  • Maintain at least 95% reaping accuracy
  • Because Mystics own their own cells, routine Eyewire participation also affects HQ’s decision


On top of the responsibilities inherited from Scythes, a Mystic can help Princeton trace zebrafish cells.


Administrators are the people who run the game. They work at EyeWire HQ, located in Boston, Massachusetts, US. Administrators show up as a yellow in chat.

Sorek.m, one of the many gamemasters of EyeWire


  • Work at EyeWire HQ


  • Can set ranks of players
  • Weight of 1,000,000
  • Can spawn new cells and declare cells complete


The main purpose of the Administrators is to oversee the game and it's progress. They decide who and who doesn't become a scout/scythe. They also run the various competitions that occur in EyeWire. While the main Administrators you will see around are gamemasters, there are many who work different jobs, such as PR and development.